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About the Office 365 Outlook Integration

With the Lucid Meetings Outlook Add-in, you can schedule and update meetings in Lucid directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

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About this Integration

When you use the Lucid Meetings Outlook add-in, you can schedule Lucid Meetings from the task pane in your Outlook calendar. These fields from Outlook are used for the meeting in Lucid:

  • Meeting name
  • Attendees (based on email address)
  • Attendee RSVPs
  • Date and time
  • Repeat settings
  • Microsoft Teams URL, if you are using Teams for web conferencing.

Once you've created a Lucid meeting using the add-in, our Outlook integration will automatically set up synchronization between Lucid and Outlook for that meeting.

To Install the Outlook Add-in:

This add-in is available from Microsoft's AppSource. Select the "Get Add-ins" icon in Outlook, then search for Lucid Meetings to find the Lucid Meetings for Outlook add-in.

To Schedule a Lucid Meeting from Outlook:

Open the add-in, select your meeting room, and click Create Lucid Meeting. It's that simple! A summary of the Lucid meeting will appear in the task pane, and details about joining the meeting are added to the description of the event in Outlook:

Screenshot of the add-in

Using the Lucid Meetings Outlook Add-in