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About the Google Integration

Using Lucid with your Google Account

There are multiple ways to connect Lucid with your Google business software.

Use your Google account to sign up or log in

Never have to worry about remembering a new password for Lucid. Sign up or Log in using your Google account.

See all your Lucid Meetings on your Google Calendar

Subscribe to your personalized Lucid Meetings dashboard to have meetings automatically synched to your Google Calendar several times each day. See how this works.

Get invitations & reminders in Gmail

Receive meeting invitations, meeting reminders, and the complete text from meeting records delivered to your Gmail account. Learn more.

Add the Lucid Meetings Chrome extension to your Chrome browser!

The Lucid Meetings Chrome extension provides full integration between your Lucid Meetings and Google calendars. With this extension you can automatically make any Google event a Lucid Meeting, with complete support for attendees, meeting templates, agendas, and more.

In addition to full calendar integration, the extension includes features to start a Lucid Meeting instantly from your browser and to list (and mark complete) your open action items.

Learn how calendar integration works »