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Increase team accountability with automated review

Teams learn to trust one another when they say what they’ll do and do what they say. Lucid Smart Lists help teams build trust, mutual accountability, and momentum by automatically rolling up action items and notes for review during a meeting.

At the beginning of a meeting, create an expectation of team accountability by simply showing what is and is not done from previous meetings. Then, make sure all new commitments are clear before leaving the meeting with a roll-up review of notes and action items.

With Smart Lists, prep is automatic, as are assignment review afterwards, eliminating misunderstood agreements, time chasing updates, and the need to copy and paste actions from one meeting to the next. Keeping work moving has never been easier!

What Lucid does for you

  • Automatically rolls-up lists of open action items (or other records) from previous meetings for review
  • Compiles a list of all new action items, decisions, and import notes to review and update as needed at the close of a meeting
  • Creates lists of tagged items, decisions, and other records to support decision making activities