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Send meeting invitations that set the stage for success

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone invited to your next meeting knew exactly what they needed to know to come prepared? Successful meetings start with clarity. Lucid Meetings' email invitations go beyond the basics of where and when, making it easy to get clarity about the meeting purpose, expected outcomes, and exactly what participants need to do to in advance.

Our meeting email invitations include all the details your group needs to successfully prepare for your meeting, including links to review reports and collaborate on the agenda in advance.

What Lucid does for you

We knew there had to be a better, more effect and repeatable way to engage on a project. While we gladly rolled up our sleeves - scheduling meetings, taking notes, following-up on action items – on an ongoing basis, this isn’t the highest and best use of seasoned consultants (or our client’s budget).

Toby Lucich
CEO, Return Leverage