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Discover the keys to quality meeting performance

Think how useful it could be to know if your organization’s meetings are working like they should. With Lucid reports, you’ll get clear insight into which best practices your teams have mastered, where they could use help, and - at the end of the day - whether it really matters.

For every Lucid meeting, the report reveals data about meeting preparation, use of time, participation, follow-up, and finally, how everyone in attendance felt about the meeting at the end. Going forward, when you have a meeting that isn’t getting the job done, you’ll have the data that shows you why so you can do something about it. Mystery solved!

What Lucid does for you

  • Collects a meeting rating & feedback from every participant
  • Tracks the time planned for each topic, and how much was actually spent
  • Graphs online meeting participation and presence for each person attending
  • Highlights successful records publication and follow-through on action items
  • Assembles a full meeting report showing what worked well and ways to improve future meetings

When we can help leaders be more effective, and turn meeting expense into business investment, we’ve changed their thinking for good. Lucid is an indispensable part of our value proposition.

Toby Lucich
CEO, Return Leverage