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Get documented results from every meeting

Leaders that use visible note taking in meetings show they’re listening and expect results. Lucid’s shared note taking makes it easier than ever to increase accountability in the workplace and get those results.

Collaborative note taking for each agenda item encourages groups to create and write down decisions, action items, and important ideas in the moment, giving everyone a chance to make sure the outcome is clear and accurate. When agreements are captured and accountability assigned on the spot, nothing gets lost or forgotten in the rush afterwards.

Rich-text support makes it possible to capture more useful and professional records; after all, not every idea can be communicated clearly in a bulleted list. After the meeting, Lucid automatically compiles everything into a professional meeting record that you can distribute to the team, and your boss, in one click, saving all that time spent compiling and sending notes later. With Lucid, mystery meetings with no recognizable result are a thing of the past!

What Lucid does for you

Today, we have cancelled our GoToMeeting subscription plan. In our determination, Lucid Meetings offers a better service at a better price. The features allow us to better manage effectiveness and value through improved facilitation controls, meeting notes distribution and most importantly, attendee task accountability.

Michael Harris