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Meet together, whether you’re in one place or distributed

When it’s time to meet, Lucid makes sure you have options. For groups meeting in person, Lucid’s agenda and shared note taking keep the discussion on track.

When meeting with one or more remote participants, select from a variety of integrated audio and video conferencing services to ensure every voice gets heard. Use our complimentary and flexible audio conferencing dial-in in addition to browser-based computer audio, and record the call to get a backup for your written meeting records. Or, switch to the integrated rich video conferencing services from appear.in or Zoom.us to get closer to that in-person feel.

Demonstrate applications and website using screen sharing by Glance, and tackle questions on the side using built-in chat. Automated attendance tracking helps you know who’s on the call, and the speaker queue provides a clear and orderly way for people to get their ideas through on busy calls.

What Lucid does for you

Lucid Meetings keeps its word on the ability to establish the groundwork for a productive meeting. Instead of just chatting about something, you can actually write it in stone to keep track of milestones.

Miguel Leiva-Gomez