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Timely Reminders for Key Tasks

What Lucid does for you

  • Sends a daily list of all your scheduled meetings, with links to update open action items
  • Sends a 10-minute reminder email with a quick-join link before the meeting
  • Allows you to turn reminders on or off as appropriate
  • Sends meeting reminders via Slack, HipChat, and SMS (via our Zapier integration)
  • Allows facilitators to easily send out a pre-formatted, detailed followup meeting email to all attendees

Once we named it, we saw it everywhere. Building agendas, coordinating meeting logistics, and chasing people for deliverables isn’t sexy, and its not always fun. But it’s a non-negotiable aspect to running and managing successful teams and projects.

And while excellence in the most foundational corporate tasks doesn’t ensure success, the absence of it often prevents it. This work doesn’t require an MBA, but you also can’t simply task your Admin Assistant and expect excellent results.

Toby Lucich
CEO, Return Leverage